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  • Object: apartment
  • Style: modern
  • Area: 89 m²
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Basic materials: wood, marbled tiles, decorative plaster, textiles, mirror facets.

For the design of a two-room apartment in a modern style, they chose a combination of wood with shades of gray – from light to almost black.

In the living room area, light wood panels were used for wall decoration, the floor is also made of light wood, the space turned out to be very cozy. Accents were made on details in black – from the cushions on the sofa to the ceiling lights.

The bedroom is decorated in gray tones; gray stone was chosen for finishing one of the walls. Next to the bedroom, a spacious dressing room and a master bathroom were equipped – in warm colors and with a bathtub. A shower cabin was installed in the guest bathroom, and a combination of white and black marble tiles was used for the design.


9 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Ballota

  1. Bruce

    As Michelangelo said – beauty is when there is nothing superfluous

  2. Dustin

    Nothing special

  3. Tanya

    I liked the bathroom, simple and tasteful. It’s a good idea to put large marble tiles on the walls.

  4. Clarke

    Very interesting came up with a dressing room, the layout of the bedroom is gorgeous

  5. Michael

    The hallway is something, this hallway is very similar to the server room at my work.

  6. Patrik

    I like it, although I would have made the colors a little warmer, otherwise it’s a bit chilly or something

  7. Max

    I would never want such a style for myself. Only classics will always be in fashion

  8. Sylvia

    The corridor is certainly funny, but not at all practical

  9. Murphy

    Complete crap! How can someone like this

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