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8 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Allium

  1. Lenard

    I want such a chandelier, I like very cool design

  2. Michael

    Cool dressing room, with my number of things I need the same room)

  3. Cooper

    What a weird office desk. And how to work in such an office. Not at all practical and not thought out

  4. Adriana

    Luxurious bedroom. Cool combined several styles, and a swing chair is something)

  5. Barry

    A strange wardrobe with no doors. With such a wardrobe, all clothes will be covered with dust! With such a closet, you need to clean the apartment 3 times a day.

  6. Matthew

    I like the bathroom. Especially the lighting, in the bathroom it is the perfect lighting!

  7. Oscar

    I would not want such a design for myself, it feels like the apartment is empty, as if there is no furniture in it at all. At least some kind of picture was hung on the wall

  8. Amanda

    It’s not just design, it’s the future. Classics are already the past, which will die out together with our ancestors

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