PRIVATE HOUSE Alstroemeria

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  • Object: two-storey private house
  • Style: Provence
  • Area: 158 m²
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Basic materials: wood, textiles, wallpaper, decorative plaster, tiles.

The main feature of this project is that we were faced with the task of developing a new design, using the maximum of existing furniture, already purchased by the owners. The design of the house was created for a couple, whose children will come to visit them with their grandchildren on weekends and holidays.

On the ground floor there is a hall, a kitchen-dining room, a grandfather’s bedroom, a bathroom (with a shower), a boiler room and a storage room.

The walls in the hall were decorated with a floral motif characteristic of Provence. The pantry was arranged in a niche near the stairs in order to use the maximum of the potentially usable area.

In the design of the spacious kitchen-dining room, a contrasting combination of warm beige wall decoration with white and orange-red furniture was used. The luxurious high fireplace in the corner of the dining room deserves special attention.

For the grandfather’s bedroom, they chose furniture in beige and rich olive shades, and hung the owner’s favorite painting at the head of the bed.

On the second floor there is a living room, a guest bedroom, a grandmother’s bedroom, a bathroom and a laundry room.

The living room is made in pastel gray-pink colors, on the walls – wallpaper with a neat floral pattern. A large sofa with a pouf and an armchair was placed in the room, a TV zone with a chest of drawers was made opposite, and a massage chair was also installed in the corner.

To decorate the walls of the guest room, decorative plaster of gray-lilac color and light wallpaper with an ornate pattern were used. The centerpiece is a sofa with floral upholstery and cushions to match the walls.

The interior of the grandmother’s bedroom is the embodiment of the tenderness of pink, an exquisite combination of moldings and floral motifs, elegant white furniture.

For the bathroom design, we chose beige tiles, also added a line of tiles with a geometric pattern around the perimeter of the entire room, for plumbing and decor – white and bronze colors, for furniture – the color of natural dark wood. The interior is accentuated by curtains on the window and above the bathroom – a cold pastel shade typical of Provence.

The laundry room with an area of ​​3 m² turned out to be as functional as possible: they installed the main thing – a washing machine, also made shelves and boxes for storing everything you need, arranged places for drying and ironing things.


10 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Alstroemeria

  1. Aleister

    Very cool design, but this design needs a lot of space, in my 80 sq.m. this design will not look good

  2. Harry

    Very small corridors

  3. Jenny

    Correctly matched colors of doors, stairs and tapestries, this increases the space in the premises

  4. Amanda

    I like it when paintings hang along the stairs. As you go up, you look at them and remember)

  5. David

    Light colors will always be in vogue. It’s a win-win

  6. Clarke

    Such a gorgeous design and you ruined it with these cheap plants !!

  7. Marie

    It only seems to me that the color of the furniture in the kitchen does not at all harmonize with the design and color of the kitchen itself.

  8. Larry

    The fireplace is simply gorgeous. I want to put myself the same!)

  9. Camille

    I also always wanted plumbing fixtures and accessories with the color of gold in the bath)

  10. Steven

    The interior design is chic, but the design of the house itself sucks!

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