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  • Object: house
  • Style: modern
  • Area: 100 m²
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Basic materials: wood, marble, tiles, decorative plaster, textiles.

For the design project of this private house, we have developed the interiors of the living room, kitchen, nursery, bedroom, bathroom and hallway.

The living room and kitchen share one space, but are separated by a small partition, which visually makes them more independent. A lot of wood was used in the design – a partition between the kitchen and the living room was made of panels, as well as shelves with lighting on both sides of the TV area and a biofireplace under it. The second rack was placed next to the stairs by the window, it is made in gray, like the curtains. We put two sofas – gray and almost white. The accents were made on a coffee table made of natural dark stone, as well as a small original orange table and a leather armchair of almost the same color.

The bedroom is done in calm gray tones, with textile paneling on the walls and soft lighting.

Children’s room for a boy is small, but functional, bright and cozy. The design used a lot of wood (flooring, partly walls and ceiling), as well as white gypsum brick for the wall behind the bed.

In the bathroom, they placed not only all the necessary plumbing, but also equipped a mini-washing area with a washing and drying machine.


8 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Anemone

  1. Doris

    Didn’t regret the lighting on the shelves)

  2. Nicolas

    Modern bioethanol fireplaces are something. I set myself one too. A good solution for those who do not have a fireplace

  3. Orrell

    So much space it seems empty

  4. Elizabeth

    Very simple but tasteful. I love this style!

  5. Patrik

    Gray color, very practical. I also did it in shades of gray at my house and I have no regrets

  6. Rick

    I like the kids room. I’ll probably do something similar in my house

  7. Steve

    Judging by the photo, the apartment is small, but there are two washing machines in the bathroom))

  8. Rita

    I liked the studio kitchen, a lot of space, it looks beautiful

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