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  • Object: house
  • Style: modern
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Basic materials: Oikos paint, wood, marbled tiles, textiles.

For the design of a private house project, we have developed a kitchen-dining room, a nursery and a bathroom.

In the interior of the kitchen-dining room, a maximum of white was used, contrasting black in some elements, marble-like tiles for the kitchen backsplash, as well as wood in the flooring and kitchen facades. The kitchen area was separated from the dining room with a bar counter, which is an additional place for two people. The dining area was arranged by the window and is designed for four.

The children’s room is made in calm white and gray tones, with accents of light pink. Places for storing things and clothes were organized inside the structure under the berth, as well as in the steps to the podium with a Bubble chair and a beanbag chair.

Bright and fanciful solutions are not suitable for every interior, for example, in a small apartment, they can create a feeling of “bust” and pressure on the space. For example, in the design of the bathroom, we opted for tiles that refresh the interior, but do not overload it – a little variegated, but calm tones.


5 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Amaryllis

  1. Daren

    As for me, it is a budget design who has little space or a modest budget for renovations

  2. Kyle

    Project for students

  3. Ella

    More like a hostel, not an apartment))

  4. Leo

    For those with a small apartment, very well done. Very thoughtful design. Made so that it does not seem that there is not enough space

  5. Mickey

    You could have come up with something better.

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