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10 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Amaranthus

  1. Denise

    The kitchen is very beautiful. This is the kitchen of my dreams!

  2. Sean

    The staircase in the kitchen is a masterpiece, it looks very elegant

  3. Paula

    Chandeliers with gold color add a high cost to the interior, although these chandeliers are actually cheap.

  4. Adrian

    Bioethanol fireplace under the TV, it’s very cool

  5. Ellen

    Judging by the photographs, the kitchen occupies the entire floor. A very huge kitchen, I would like such a kitchen

  6. Albert

    I understand this is the interior design of the kitchen. I would like to see the design of the rest of the rooms …

  7. Baxter

    Shower with parquet design on the walls, very original!)

  8. Diana

    With such an interior you can only live in the kitchen)

  9. Wilson

    Recently, it has been very fashionable, to do everything in light colors.

  10. Greg

    Personally, I love every detail in this project. Made very expensive.

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