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  • Object: house
  • Style: modern
  • Area: 120 m²
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Basic materials: wood, 3d panels, decorative plaster, mirrors.

The interior of this private house is the embodiment of tranquility, comfort and home warmth. Furniture in light gray colors was used in the living room area, wood panels and decorative plaster were used for decoration. instead of brick). A staircase leads to the second floor – made of wood and glass.

For the bedroom, we chose wall decoration with wooden panels. Wood is the most “cozy” material, and with a competent approach to its use in the interior, the design will not be boring.

In order to preserve the concept of using wood in the interior to the maximum, but without sacrificing convenience, we chose an alternative to wood trim in the bathroom – wood-like tiles. In rooms such as a bathroom or a kitchen, the practicality of the material, its moisture resistance and ease of maintenance are especially important.


6 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Alyssum

  1. Martha

    This is the case when gray tones make the interior rich.

  2. Сhris

    I have exactly the same staircase at home. Only here it looks cooler in the photo)

  3. Thomas

    But as for me, this interior design looks like it is simple and cheap

  4. Phil

    All I liked about this project was the design of the wall behind the TV in the bedroom, everything else is so-so

  5. Charli

    This interior design is suitable for those who like it when there is nothing superfluous, even furniture))

  6. Сlara

    This is what Lux looks like!

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