House project Lupin

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Modern two-storey house with built-in garage and an additional room on the ground floor.

Total area 164.1 m²
Garage 19.5 m²
Building area 147.5 m² – may not include the terrace area
Cubic capacity 897 m³
Height 8.56 m
Roof inclination angle 25 °
Roof area 193.7 m²

This is a compact one-storey house with a flat roof for a family of 2-3 people.
The shape of the house emphasizes the clear division of the house into zones. The day area is a spacious, well-lit living room,
connected to a spacious kitchen.
The dining room is next to large double glass doors leading to the side terrace. There is a fireplace in the center,
which will perfectly warm this part of the house, and a single chimney is a smart and economical solution.
The night zone consists of two rooms and a comfortable bathroom with a window. Large bedroom with garden view has an exit
onto the terrace. In front of it, you can allocate a place for a large dressing room.
Well-positioned interior layout and simple design of the house make it possible to make almost any changes
in the layout.
This is a proposal for people who appreciate an elegant, modern, high-tech design. Interestingly designed
terraces, tasteful colors and façade elements give the house a unique character


7 reviews for House project Lupin

  1. Albert

    My friend built himself a house according to this project. Looks very cool

  2. Katherine

    Cool house in a classic style, everything is restrained, the facade without any inserts

  3. Mary

    The roof extended from the garage spoils the view, it was necessary to do something better

  4. Robert

    Everything is compact, not stretched, a well-designed house

  5. John

    How nice it is when you can afford to build such a house

  6. Jacob

    My dream. Thank you, I found a project for my house, I will change it a little, I will remove the excess

  7. Olha

    It’s great that people’s dreams come true, I hope mine will come true soon.

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