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7 reviews for PRIVATE HOUSE Ageratum

  1. Anderson

    Chic Italian style. This style will never go out of fashion, I want to do something for myself similar to this project

  2. Wilson

    It seems to me that blue chairs are not suitable for this interior, but otherwise, quite elegant

  3. Regina

    For a long time I have not seen tapestry wallpaper on the walls. I thought no one does this anymore, but nevertheless I must say it’s impressive

  4. Zack

    Who would not say what, but classics are classics! Exclusively

  5. Kendrick

    And as for me, this is all outdated. This can only please grandparents)

  6. Ellen

    The fireplace is certainly not real, but still very successfully emphasized this style and added richness to that interior.

  7. Ricky

    Such a cool design, and so few photos. There are too few photos to adequately appreciate this project.

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