House project Nymphea

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Nice and comfortable house with flat roof, double garage and spacious terraces.

Total area 289.8 m²
Garage 34.8 m²
Building area 326.0 m2
may not include terrace area
Cubic capacity 1 600 m³
Height 7.5 m
Roof inclination angle 2 °
Roof area 140 m²

This project is a larger version with a garage.
Project advantages:
The day zone is designed to the right of the hallway. It is characterized by a closed kitchen layout, which will please housewives, who, for example, like to watch TV while cooking and not disturb family members in the living room.
The living room is combined with the dining room. A beautiful fireplace was also designed here, which is able to heat the room on cool evenings.
The space under the stairs is not wasted. A small pantry has been designed here, where it is convenient to store equipment and cleaning equipment.
There is a transition from the garage to the house, which makes it easier and faster to transfer purchases from the car.
The second floor is the premises of the night zone. There is a large shared bathroom and 4 comfortable bedrooms with personal wardrobes. The master bedroom also has a private bathroom.
The project will attract the attention of developers who want to build a reliable, spacious, bright, functional home for their families.

6 reviews for House project Nymphea

  1. Edgar

    Cool design, I wonder how much it will cost to build such a house

  2. Mark

    The project is super for lovers of modern construction just right

  3. Donald

    The designer has good taste, so everything is cool to combine, not everyone can

  4. Ashley

    Beautiful garden furniture, these hole-in-the-hole chairs fit wonderfully here

  5. Carol

    Garage finishes are too rough and dark and will show dust

  6. Sandra

    Kitchens – living rooms look good but … Subsequently, all the smells of ready meals remain in the room. If you notice that after eating, for example in the dining room, the smell of food still remains. You can imagine how it absorbs the furniture and textiles of the living room combined with the kitchen

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