House project Daisy

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Option of an attic house with floor slabs

Total area 312.5 m²
Garage 23.2 m²
Building area 200.0 m2
may not include terrace area
Cubic capacity 1 250 m³
Height 8.02 m
Roof inclination angle 40 °
Roof area 257.2 m²

This project is a variant of an attic house with floor slabs.
Project advantages:
A sophisticated roof structure and an original discreet exterior give the house a modern and individual character.
The layout provides for a clear demarcation between functional areas. The first floor is reserved for a common area, a garage and utility rooms. There is also an additional room on the ground floor, which is a huge plus for families with elderly relatives.
The garage is conveniently connected to the house. The passage is provided from the hall.
The upper floor is a private area with three comfortable bedrooms, dressing rooms and a shared bathroom. One of the bedrooms has a balcony.
The project was created specifically for developers with a large family. This is a house with a comfortable attic floor, attractive appearance and a cozy, easy-to-use layout.

9 reviews for House project Daisy

  1. Kurt

    Yet the classics are the classics will never go out of style

  2. Alexis

    What a chic interior in the house, how well-chosen everything is, and what a chic kitchen is the dream of any hostess.

  3. Robert

    The house and the place where it stands are amazing! It is so harmoniously inscribed in nature that it simply dissolves against the backdrop of trees! Finishing the outside of the house is just a delight! There is nothing to say about the inside! Everything is concise, environmentally friendly, without pathos, although it is immediately clear that a lot of money has been invested. Impressed by the quality of the work done on finishing the house. The layout is unique, everything is thought out to the smallest nuances. Well done!

  4. Jennifer

    The house is wonderful! I really like the fact that it is built into the ecosystem and there are no these terrible deaf fences.

  5. Michael

    The house causes only positive emotions. everything is concise, nothing hurts the eyes and does not cause rejection.

  6. David

    I liked the living room with a view of nature.

  7. Barbara

    near the kitchen there is a pantry, this is a good solution. The house is intended for permanent residence and not temporary. If he stood somewhere in the forest far from everyone, it would be great.

  8. Joseph

    Judging by the comments, lovers of the classics have gathered here.

  9. Linda

    Joseph, I completely agree with you, we should already forget about the classics, and pay more attention to minimalism, this is both practical and takes up less space, and thought out, and beautiful.

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