House project Agapanthus-Imperial

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Option of a modern two-story house with a basement

Total area 477.2 m²
Garage 45.0 m²
Basement 182.7 m²
Building area 371.8 m2
may not include terrace area
Cubic capacity 1 520 m³
Height 7.57 m
Roof inclination angle 6 ° / 3 °
Roof area 220.68 m²

This project is a variant of a modern two-storey house with a basement.
Project advantages:
For the decoration of the facades, natural wood, architectural concrete, facing slabs and plaster were used. In combination with large areas of glazing and a complex shape of the structure, such decoration makes the house respectable, elegant and relevant in any locality.
The ground floor houses not only the living area and technical rooms, but also the night area with two bedrooms and a bathroom.
The day area has an open plan, but the spacious pantry designed in the center makes it possible to conditionally separate the living room and kitchen with a dining area.
On the top floor, the project provides 3 comfortable bedrooms. Each of the bedrooms has an individual bathroom and dressing room. In addition, each bedroom has an exit to the terrace.
This project is an ideal option for a spacious and comfortable home for a large family. The project perfectly combines modern architecture, functional interior and original design of facades.

5 reviews for House project Agapanthus-Imperial

  1. Gareth

    Cool design I want such a house for myself

  2. Irena

    The perfect combination: mimalism, cool design, functionality, I’m sure the owner is completely delighted with his little villa.

  3. Daren

    I’m getting the money from this house, I’m preparing my husband for repairs. Wait for a call

  4. Marina

    The design as a whole is impressive, but it is immediately clear that the practical side of this house is missing, due to the small space. Landscape design also requires a huge amount of maintenance, which will entail a huge amount of money. Inside, everything is in bright colors, which is also not practical, in the presence of a child or animals. Well, this is a subjective opinion.

  5. Mark

    Parents were satisfied with this decision of the designer, what else is needed for old age)))

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