House project Kangaroo

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Variant of the project with a multi-sloped roof

Total area 138.0 m²
Garage 20.7 m²
Building area 140.3 m² – may not include terrace area
Cubic capacity 750 m³
Height 8.1 m
Roof inclination angle 20 °
Roof area 109.55 m²

The project is a spacious house with a side garage.
The interior, bright and clear, features a bay window in the living room that offers beautiful views of the garden.
The inclusion of wooden details in the facade gives the project a specific and unique character.
The covered entrance to the house is accentuated by two elegant columns.
There is a place for a wardrobe in the hallway.
From the hall you can get into a spacious living room with a dining area and a kitchen equipped with pantry.
Wide windows in the living room and balcony doors overlooking the garden allow you to feel the unity with the surrounding nature.
Another room can be used as a study or guest bedroom.
The second floor includes a hall, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
One of the rooms has a balcony, and the second has a loggia, which will allow you to enjoy the fresh air in the early morning or before bed.
All rooms on the second floor are spacious, well lit and well thought out in terms of keeping order, as there is ample space for closets.

6 reviews for House project Kangaroo

  1. Edwin

    For a long time I doubted which company I would turn to, for a long time I was determined with the choice of the project, and so on.
    But in the end they convinced me, helped me to decide and dispel all my doubts.
    I am glad that I turned to this particular company

  2. Judith

    Here, here, here is the kind of house I need. This is exactly what you can dream of. I hope that at least at the age of 50 I will have one, and I will host children in it)))

  3. Peter

    My neighbor has exactly the same one, he built it 10 years ago. Well, one to one copy. If you didn’t build it, then it’s plagiarism. You need to ask him who built him

  4. Kelly

    What a variety of designs. Outwardly strict, angry. And inside the interior is so soft gentle. These people are clearly experienced.

  5. Joyce

    The dream is just a house with a fireplace. In winter, sitting in front of it and reading a book is the best pleasure. What is your main heating?

  6. Jeremy

    Of course, the decoration of the house decorates it very much, without it it looks like some kind of mushroom. And only they painted it, put in the scenery is a completely different matter)))

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