House project Lobelia

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The project of a comfortable and modern one-story cottage

Total area 171.7 m²
Garage 32.8 m²
Building area 257.0 m2 – may not include terrace area
Cubic capacity 1 413 m³
Height 6.7 m
Roof inclination angle 25 °
Roof area 303 m²

This is a comfortable one-storey house with a garage for two cars, with a large glass area in the day area. His
the classic design is relevant at any time and for any location.
Project advantages:
A one-story house will provide convenient and quick access to any room, save you from the extra hassle associated with
transition from floor to floor, which is important for families with small children and elderly people.
A clear separation of the night and day parts of the house makes it possible to hide privacy from prying eyes
A closed kitchen allows you to separate the features of everyday life from the recreation area.
The covered terrace will be a convenient extension of the living room in the summer.
The bay window creates a sub-zone for the convenient placement of the dining room.
The second light in the living room visually enlarges it, gives the room a unique charm.
The location of the utility rooms behind the garage allows you to conveniently store and use garden tools and any
other inventory.
Direct connection to the garage makes it easy to unpack and shop.
The architectural style will appeal to supporters of traditional architecture.

7 reviews for House project Lobelia

  1. Simon

    I am incredibly happy and grateful to all the employees of the company that they helped to implement my plan and build a house that would not be expensive, but comfortable and cozy, which has everything I need !!!

  2. Barbara

    In my opinion, a wonderful house, standard, average, comfortable

  3. David

    I really liked the black table in the project, I have never seen such an original one, and the rooms are so coolly decorated

  4. Susan

    Everything is beautiful and the house outside and inside, you are masters of your work

  5. Sarah

    A large window in the dining room, it’s like an open terrace, you can see everything and it doesn’t rain

  6. John

    The house, in my opinion, is too small even for two, in my opinion it will be just right for either a single guy or a girl. Even for me, a divorced guy with a son will not have enough space, not to mention living there as a wife and son

  7. Lisa

    The kitchen is small, not thought out somehow, as for me, the working area should be larger

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