House project Lotus

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Modern house with entrance from the south

Total area 139.8 m²
Garage 20.7 m²
Building area 142.1 m² – may not include the terrace area
Cubic capacity 923.65 m³
Height 7 m
Roof slope 2.5 °
Roof area 56.9 m²

This is an optimally designed modern house with a built-in garage.
The living room is located at the front (facing south), together with a large terrace, and the kitchen has windows overlooking the garden.
The living room, combined with the kitchen and dining area, creates an open space, well lit by elongated
windows to the floor.
There is a large pantry next to the kitchen.
The fireplace is located in the heart of the house – you can admire its flames both in the dining area and on the sofa in the living room.
On the ground floor there is also an additional room with a window to the garden, next to it there is a bathroom.
On the top floor, which has a total height of 2.65 m, there are two bedrooms with space for wardrobes, and another
bedroom with a separate exit to the terrace and a private dressing room. The shared bathroom is lit by two full-size
The garage is connected directly to the house through a hallway.
The house in the basic version assumes a garage for one car with the possibility of increasing its area up to two cars.

7 reviews for House project Lotus

  1. Calvin

    I am very satisfied. Everything, as the designers drew for me, also turned out beautifully in reality. Just a huge thank you to everyone

  2. Angela

    The combination of wood and stone did not work, the facade does not look spectacular, and it is not clear to itself

  3. Eric

    Such a large terrace on the second floor, how cool it looks, original and thought out

  4. Scott

    The steps leading to the entrance doors have no view, for such a house it was necessary to come up with something more original, it seems that the designers’ fantasy is over

  5. Larry

    Good back, everything is in style, this is a highlight of the garage, these terraces are very original

  6. Helen

    The best combination in country housing is stone, tile, plaster, along with light-colored wood, but not dark ones

  7. Pamela

    All the windows are to the floor, it is very beautiful but impractical, it will take a long time to wash them, but the beauty requires sacrifice

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